Logan’s hot webcam night with Hot69 – Part 1

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It was webcam night for Logan. He limited himself to once a week because there was this chick he liked who was only online at this particular day and time. Man, she was hot. Blonde, curves everywhere, medium-sized chest, perfect. He’d do a playback reel in his head of their time together in between their encounters because it was always so good.

Logan logged in and looked for Hot69. There she was. He sighed, just watching her for a minute on the bed as she shook her naked ass at the screen, showcasing her shaved, juicy cunt. Hot69 looked like she could take all of his eight inches in one slick thrust and ride it for days. He wanted to lick her pussy, taste it, fuck her hard ‘til she screamed.

He sent her a greeting with one hand, his dick already primed and lubed as he jacked it slowly with the other. Hot69 quickly turned around and grinned, bare breasts jiggling and begging for his touch. She was a beauty, with mischievous gray eyes, a killer smile and a body that wouldn’t quit.

“Hey, you,” she said leaning back on her hands and spreading her legs so he could see her pierced clit. He loved looking at it. Logan wished he could suck and pinch it. She cocked her head and winked. “I know what you want.”

Logan grinned. “Give it to me then.” He settled back in the chair to watch her.

Hot69 crawled onto the bed and kneeled facing him. She grabbed a dildo, from her bedside table, the green one that came closest to matching his cock in length and width, and placed it between her breasts.

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Moving it up and down, she said, “You’re fucking my chest, yeah? Because I won’t let you ride me yet. I want you to wait.” She squeezed her boobs, making them almost look obscene with the toy between them. God, he wanted to be that dildo.

“Was I bad? Is that why you’re being mean?” Logan asked, his voice almost whiny as his hand moved a little faster on his cock, but not enough to cum. Not yet.

“No,” she replied. “I just like to tease you.” Hot69 removed the dildo and put it on the bed. She squatted over it and started rubbing her cunt back and forth, hips moving and undulating like she was taking a ride. “I could cum like this, you know. I don’t have to wait for you.” And to prove her point, Hot69 starting rubbing herself faster on the toy, fucking sexy as hell with her eyes closed and mouth hanging open. Her breasts bounced with every movement, her hair wild.

“Please don’t,” Logan begged, wanting her to come with him, like they always did.

“Why should I?” she asked, still intent on her own pleasure and rapidly leaving Logan behind.

“Because it’s so much better when we do it together,” he replied, the tip of his cock bubbling with semen. “Come on, give me a break.” Hot69 could reduce him to begging, though he hadn’t yet. His cock was getting harder by the second, if that was possible.

Laughing, Hot69 relented and propped herself up on the pillows by the headboard. Positioning the dildo at her snatch, she said, “Ready?”…. Click Here For Part 2

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