Logan’s hot webcam night with Hot69 – Part 2

Part 2/2

Finally. Logan didn’t want to blow yet, but it was a close thing. “Yes,” he replied.

And they both started moving in tandem. Every thrust of the dildo in Hot69’s vagina matched the jacking motion of his fist. When he slowed down, she did, too. It made his heart race, seeing that toy disappear inside her and wishing it was him making her moan like that.

The sounds she made were beyond sexy. Her hair fell around her face, some of the sweaty strands sticking to her skin and he wanted to touch her, taste her, make her shout his name. His real one.

Right before he came, Hot69 said, “Stop!”

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Goddamn it! Logan had to squeeze the base of his cock and take deep breaths so he wouldn’t cum. She always did that, made him suffer a little, have to struggle to hold back, because she knew it would be better that way. Shit!

She tossed the dildo and used the fingers of one hand to fuck herself while the other rubbed her clit in circular motion. “Fuck me,” she cried, screwing herself hard and grinding into her hand. “Make me feel it.”

And Logan did his best, leaping to his feet, legs wide apart with his cock pointed at the screen and he thrust into his fist like it was her hole and he could feel her all around him, squeezing him until there was nothing left.

“I’m ready,” Logan yelled. And Hot69 nodded right before her fingers went into a frenzy and her body shuddered at the same time Logan’s did. He cursed when he came, fluid going everywhere.

He sank back into the chair, exhausted and watched as Hot69 pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked each and every one of them, sucking them like they were his cock and it was the best thing ever. She closed her eyes and moaned with each lick and he spurted a little more.

When Hot69 was done, she rubbed some of her juice over her nipples to make them shiny. Then, she plunged the dildo in her cunt again to coat it before lifting her legs and aiming at her asshole.

God, he didn’t know if he take anymore, but if she was willing to keep going, he was happy to be a voyeur… The End

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