Sarah’s first sex webcam experience

My name i Sarah and this is one of my first webcam experience.


This happened some time ago, I was really bored and had nothing to do, so I decided to create a Skype account where I could chat with hot guys online. I started chatting with one of the guys i found on an online sex message board, and we started to chat about sex in no time.


He asked what I did, and I replied that I was in bed and I was really horny. Oh, show me babe, he replied at once. I started my webcam for him and put it in front of me so he saw my ass clearly, when I lay in the bed. I was wearing a pink sexy thong. I began to fondle my both buttocks. Damn there are tight! he replied as soon as he saw my firm ass. I sat in front of the webcam and leaned back a little, and then pulled my panties a bit to the side so he could see my wet pussy. Then, he turn his cam on, and I saw a big cock standing straight out between his legs. This made me really horny. I slide the panties more to the side so he could looked direct into my hot pussy, I started to masturbate with a finger. At the same time, he grabbed his hard cock and start jacking it slowly.


sex novelsI want you inside me, I wrote back to him and continued finger my wet pussy, now this time with two fingers. Not as much as I want to fuck you baby, he replied with a wink smiley. I pulled my panties completely down and change my position, at this time I stood on all fours with my ass in front of the webcam, now he can see right at my wet dripping pussy. I watched as he began to stroke faster and almost jumped up and down in the chair. I started touching myself again, and then I took out a dildo from my nightstand and begin to gently let it go in and out of my pussy.


By now I was really horny. Hell, I’m so horny, go faster he wrote to me. I did as he said and began to fuck the dildo in a fast motion. Show me your tits baby, he said. So I bent down a little bit and my firm breasts appeared in front of the webcam. They bounce up and down when I ride the dildo. Now he jerked off in such a fast pace so it looked like he could come at any time. I’m close he wrote to me, and at that moment we both reach orgasm. He pumped out loads of cum on his chest. After this live webcam session we decided to meet online tomorrow and do this all over again. This was one of the most hot and sexy webcam conversations I ever had with a guy. This was based on a true story.


This was sent in by Sarah from Finland.

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